Going Deaf or Tuned Out?

I decided to make some tea. While waiting for the water to boil I thought I’d “Kill” a few minutes on Facebook (aka the black hole). With the temperature hitting a balmy 50 degrees I had the widows open – The lovely lads from the landscaping company where out in force with the regiment of blowers, mowers and trimers – Get the picture?

I was “Deep” into liking and sharing the usual drivel when both of my cats leaped and ran toward the kitchen, it was only then did I notice the incessant whistling of the kettle! I realize there was an incredible din from the landscapers, but didn’t hear the kettle because I was tuned out, lost in social media – Which is an oxymoron if I ever heard one (if I was hearing).

Which brings me to this, have we all become so desensitized to all this information that we can’t process what is truly important? While we’re liking our FB friends’ posts and pictures are we enjoying the tea we’re drinking or the birds chattering in the background? While we are sharing a video or some silly joke or rant couldn’t or shouldn’t we be sharing our talents elsewhere? I’m not proposing we disband social media because it does have its merits (please share this). What I am reminding myself as well as you all (praying there is more than one other person reading this) is balance the real world with the cyber world. Spend time with friends face to face, share a hug not a (hug) be present with the moment, no matter how difficult – It is real. Most importantly listen to your heart and tune in to life!

Wow powerful tea!


Market Observations

This is not about stocks or Wall Street – I haven’t a clue on how that works, I have a guy for that.

This is my less than astute observations on my local Super Market. Which I will refer to as “Search and Shop” . With my crazy unpredictable schedule it has been difficult for me to dedicate a specific day for food shopping, so I’ve been making mental comparisons on my experiences in relation to the day I shop.

Monday, early morning not usually a good choice, shelves being restocked and employees discussing fantasy teams.

Tuesday rather incomplete as this is a day I’ve rarely shopped more of a day to pick up something I forgot – Data incomplete.

Wednesday senior citizen day, be prepared for slow traffic and lending an assist or two – Conversations overheard generally are about who passed and new diagnoses.  If you like green bananas (so they last) this is the best day!

Thursday is the last day for the weekly special so not a good day if you’re interested in any of them, but it sometimes is a good day to get a jump on next week’s specials which start on Fridays. Less seniors but a good day to see people getting out of the local gym, so wear workout clothes and don’t buy junk food.

Friday, the coupon junkies and hard-core special shoppers are out be careful they are ruthless they are easily identified by having more than one cart and a scanner. Never get behind these people in line,  they are prone to argue over an expired $1.00 off coupon as if they were presenting a case before the Supreme Court!

Saturday, family day – faux car carts lots of whining , and multiple announcements regarding aisle spills. Only go if you too are a family shopper, you maybe able to get adult conversation with a peer while your children sneak Fruity Pebbles into your cart!

Sunday couples day, these are the long married who have an empty nest. Easily identified by the husband pushing the cart pretending to listen to his spouse go on about whether to get one or two bottles of Tide. The atmosphere and pace of shopping falls right into my comfort zone but, the bananas are too ripe…

In conclusion, whether you prefer to shop for bargains, with your peers or if you’re like me and go for the green bananas, there’s a day for you to Search and Shop!


What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Older…

I’ve been off from work this week, which means I’ve had time to meet old friends. The first group were my former nursing colleagues from Charlton (1980-2002) or age 23-45, the second group are classmates from nursing school (1975-1978) or age 18-21. In each of these “reunions” we seamlessly go into conversations of the past, the present and the future. We kid one another about our most embarrassing moments and greatest triumphs – News of mutual friends including their passings or retirements. We lament on how quickly it all happened the 20’s to nearly 60 in what seems to be a blink!

What no one tells you is your body gets softer, sometimes lumpier, hair color changes (naturally grey) or chemically enhanced to whatever, you all refuse coffee because it will keep you awake, but here’s the rub your mind is still 20 something and you feel like you’re looking at your friends mothers! OMG did she just adjust her hearing aide? Can I borrow your reading glasses or please read this line in the menu for me? Who are these old women and are they thinking the same about me?

God has an amazing sense of humor, housing a Peter Pan mind in this aging body! I’m certainly smarter, maybe wiser than the 20 something me but my sense of humor, my personality is still 20 something and my body although in decent shape for a 58 year old woman is still aging (some days not gracefully). At least it is something I’m not doing alone I have the wonderful friends to journey with. We’ve been through graduations and menopause, hot dates and hot flashes, getting sh-t faced together to discussing colonoscopy preps! I can hardly wait until we go shopping for orthopedic shoes (lie).

I do know this no matter where the road takes us, how many wrinkles we get or what style orthopedic shoes we end up in there will be an old friend I will start chatting with as if we were still 20 something. And that is both scary and comforting!

I think I finally understand the Simon and Garfunkle song Old Friends…

Time for bed,



When did we give up independence for phone dependency ? It happens insidiously first we tell ourselves it’s a convenience, then it becomes a necessity (keys, wallet phone) that’s my check list – Then a dependency OMG Where is my phone? Oh no I forgot it at home! How is anyone going to reach me? How many steps have I walked? What’s the score of the game? What’s my schedule for next week? How many calories do I have remaining? How can I go to Starbucks? What’s next weeks weather?

Everyone, of those questions ran through my mind today, when I realized I’d forgotten my phone at home. I even called my 82 year old mother to let her know I was phone-less and not to worry. She laughed and said, “What did you just do?”, I laughed and said I called you from work, from the karate school phone. My mother then informed me that I wasn’t on the moon and I survived before iPhones and I could survive a few hours without it – Wise words from a woman who answers her cell once a year!

After my panic landline call to my mother I tried to convince myself it was freeing to be without a smart phone, until I was sitting in my car waiting for a massage appointment, wondering if the therapist texted me (she occasionally runs late).

Here is what I learned today, the world didn’t stop, a smart phone dependency is my own choice and I can control my use…

Until there is a 12 step app for Smart Phone Addiction


PS got to go charge my phone…

At Wit’s End

Another blog? Yes. Why? Because it was a long winter. What sort of reason is that? This past winter left me at my wit’s end, which lead me to vent my frustrations on Facebook. Where I went to create rants that would provide comic relief to those coping with the absurd weather conditions.

I have dipped my toe in the blog pool before, writing on my Zen experiences from running in my most prolific blog Thoughts from the Run. I’ve written about my martial arts journey in My Thirtieth Year and Journey to Sixth Dan.  Gin’s Tonic was started to offer positive thoughts and encouragement. Yet all of them seem to be old friends I don’t have much in common with any more.

My running has become more sporadic than spiritual due to my aging body and lack of time, Sixth Dan has been accomplished and my Thirtieth Year in martial arts is complete Gin’s Tonic became difficult to write after living through some tough challenges these past months — I’d felt like a hypocrite writing up lifting messages when I didn’t believe a word I’d write… The only truths I were writing were the absurd Facebook commentaries on the weather, and after meeting and speaking to a few friends it seemed as though I had an audience for my witten word.

So here I am world witty or sh-tty you tell me,