Market Observations

This is not about stocks or Wall Street – I haven’t a clue on how that works, I have a guy for that.

This is my less than astute observations on my local Super Market. Which I will refer to as “Search and Shop” . With my crazy unpredictable schedule it has been difficult for me to dedicate a specific day for food shopping, so I’ve been making mental comparisons on my experiences in relation to the day I shop.

Monday, early morning not usually a good choice, shelves being restocked and employees discussing fantasy teams.

Tuesday rather incomplete as this is a day I’ve rarely shopped more of a day to pick up something I forgot – Data incomplete.

Wednesday senior citizen day, be prepared for slow traffic and lending an assist or two – Conversations overheard generally are about who passed and new diagnoses.  If you like green bananas (so they last) this is the best day!

Thursday is the last day for the weekly special so not a good day if you’re interested in any of them, but it sometimes is a good day to get a jump on next week’s specials which start on Fridays. Less seniors but a good day to see people getting out of the local gym, so wear workout clothes and don’t buy junk food.

Friday, the coupon junkies and hard-core special shoppers are out be careful they are ruthless they are easily identified by having more than one cart and a scanner. Never get behind these people in line,  they are prone to argue over an expired $1.00 off coupon as if they were presenting a case before the Supreme Court!

Saturday, family day – faux car carts lots of whining , and multiple announcements regarding aisle spills. Only go if you too are a family shopper, you maybe able to get adult conversation with a peer while your children sneak Fruity Pebbles into your cart!

Sunday couples day, these are the long married who have an empty nest. Easily identified by the husband pushing the cart pretending to listen to his spouse go on about whether to get one or two bottles of Tide. The atmosphere and pace of shopping falls right into my comfort zone but, the bananas are too ripe…

In conclusion, whether you prefer to shop for bargains, with your peers or if you’re like me and go for the green bananas, there’s a day for you to Search and Shop!



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