At Wit’s End

Another blog? Yes. Why? Because it was a long winter. What sort of reason is that? This past winter left me at my wit’s end, which lead me to vent my frustrations on Facebook. Where I went to create rants that would provide comic relief to those coping with the absurd weather conditions.

I have dipped my toe in the blog pool before, writing on my Zen experiences from running in my most prolific blog Thoughts from the Run. I’ve written about my martial arts journey in My Thirtieth Year and Journey to Sixth Dan.  Gin’s Tonic was started to offer positive thoughts and encouragement. Yet all of them seem to be old friends I don’t have much in common with any more.

My running has become more sporadic than spiritual due to my aging body and lack of time, Sixth Dan has been accomplished and my Thirtieth Year in martial arts is complete Gin’s Tonic became difficult to write after living through some tough challenges these past months — I’d felt like a hypocrite writing up lifting messages when I didn’t believe a word I’d write… The only truths I were writing were the absurd Facebook commentaries on the weather, and after meeting and speaking to a few friends it seemed as though I had an audience for my witten word.

So here I am world witty or sh-tty you tell me,


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