292335_2376210302163_1421142085_n1I’m known as Gin, Ginnie, Virginia, Ninja, Master and to my mother Gin-Gin. I have lived a fairly interesting existence these 58+ years. I’ve been a daughter, sister, friend, student, co-worker, “saxophonist” (well I had one in band), nurse, martial artist, karate teacher and martial art school owner, an avid sports fan, photographer, and outdoors enthusiast (not in winter) I love reading, enjoy good conversation, I have two cats (both are smarter than me), My final meal would be peanut butter on Italian bread followed by freshly brewed coffee and anything baked by my mother, If I could meet 10 people in the world in no particular order they would be Barbra Streisand, Dame Judy Dench, Gordon Ramsey, The Pope, Bill Belicheck, Arnold Palmer, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, (passed Abraham Lincoln and General Patton). My greatest joy is contributing laughter…


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