What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Older…

I’ve been off from work this week, which means I’ve had time to meet old friends. The first group were my former nursing colleagues from Charlton (1980-2002) or age 23-45, the second group are classmates from nursing school (1975-1978) or age 18-21. In each of these “reunions” we seamlessly go into conversations of the past, the present and the future. We kid one another about our most embarrassing moments and greatest triumphs – News of mutual friends including their passings or retirements. We lament on how quickly it all happened the 20’s to nearly 60 in what seems to be a blink!

What no one tells you is your body gets softer, sometimes lumpier, hair color changes (naturally grey) or chemically enhanced to whatever, you all refuse coffee because it will keep you awake, but here’s the rub your mind is still 20 something and you feel like you’re looking at your friends mothers! OMG did she just adjust her hearing aide? Can I borrow your reading glasses or please read this line in the menu for me? Who are these old women and are they thinking the same about me?

God has an amazing sense of humor, housing a Peter Pan mind in this aging body! I’m certainly smarter, maybe wiser than the 20 something me but my sense of humor, my personality is still 20 something and my body although in decent shape for a 58 year old woman is still aging (some days not gracefully). At least it is something I’m not doing alone I have the wonderful friends to journey with. We’ve been through graduations and menopause, hot dates and hot flashes, getting sh-t faced together to discussing colonoscopy preps! I can hardly wait until we go shopping for orthopedic shoes (lie).

I do know this no matter where the road takes us, how many wrinkles we get or what style orthopedic shoes we end up in there will be an old friend I will start chatting with as if we were still 20 something. And that is both scary and comforting!

I think I finally understand the Simon and Garfunkle song Old Friends…

Time for bed,



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