When did we give up independence for phone dependency ? It happens insidiously first we tell ourselves it’s a convenience, then it becomes a necessity (keys, wallet phone) that’s my check list – Then a dependency OMG Where is my phone? Oh no I forgot it at home! How is anyone going to reach me? How many steps have I walked? What’s the score of the game? What’s my schedule for next week? How many calories do I have remaining? How can I go to Starbucks? What’s next weeks weather?

Everyone, of those questions ran through my mind today, when I realized I’d forgotten my phone at home. I even called my 82 year old mother to let her know I was phone-less and not to worry. She laughed and said, “What did you just do?”, I laughed and said I called you from work, from the karate school phone. My mother then informed me that I wasn’t on the moon and I survived before iPhones and I could survive a few hours without it – Wise words from a woman who answers her cell once a year!

After my panic landline call to my mother I tried to convince myself it was freeing to be without a smart phone, until I was sitting in my car waiting for a massage appointment, wondering if the therapist texted me (she occasionally runs late).

Here is what I learned today, the world didn’t stop, a smart phone dependency is my own choice and I can control my use…

Until there is a 12 step app for Smart Phone Addiction


PS got to go charge my phone…


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