Going Deaf or Tuned Out?

I decided to make some tea. While waiting for the water to boil I thought I’d “Kill” a few minutes on Facebook (aka the black hole). With the temperature hitting a balmy 50 degrees I had the widows open – The lovely lads from the landscaping company where out in force with the regiment of blowers, mowers and trimers – Get the picture?

I was “Deep” into liking and sharing the usual drivel when both of my cats leaped and ran toward the kitchen, it was only then did I notice the incessant whistling of the kettle! I realize there was an incredible din from the landscapers, but didn’t hear the kettle because I was tuned out, lost in social media – Which is an oxymoron if I ever heard one (if I was hearing).

Which brings me to this, have we all become so desensitized to all this information that we can’t process what is truly important? While we’re liking our FB friends’ posts and pictures are we enjoying the tea we’re drinking or the birds chattering in the background? While we are sharing a video or some silly joke or rant couldn’t or shouldn’t we be sharing our talents elsewhere? I’m not proposing we disband social media because it does have its merits (please share this). What I am reminding myself as well as you all (praying there is more than one other person reading this) is balance the real world with the cyber world. Spend time with friends face to face, share a hug not a (hug) be present with the moment, no matter how difficult – It is real. Most importantly listen to your heart and tune in to life!

Wow powerful tea!



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